Things to Know Before You Come

Sandy Hook Accessibility

Sandy Hook (732) 872-5970

Beach wheelchairs are available. Contact the Visitor Center at (732) 872-5970.

Concession: Between Memorial Day and Labor Day Mobile food services are available at Beaches  B,C,D,E and G these services vary on days of the week and location, please call 732-872-5910 to find out more about these services.

For a Safe and Enjoyable Visit

Sandy Hook is a carry-in/carry out park. Take your trash home.

Summer weekends are busy at Sandy Hook. When parking areas are filled, the park closes to new traffic until spaces become available. You can avoid traffic and delays by arriving before 10am or after 2pm. The park does not close on weekdays as there is always parking available.

Swim only at guarded beaches and follow lifeguard instructions.

Pets must be leashed at all times. To protect nesting shorebirds, pets are banned from ocean beaches from March 15 through Labor Day.

Open fires are not permitted.

Metal detectors are prohibited.

Do not enter closed areas. Stay off gun batteries and sea walls.

Glass containers are prohibited throughout Sandy Hook.

Both ticks and poison ivy are common. Avoid exposure.

Vehicles are not permitted off road. Roadside parking is prohibited.

Speed limits are enforced by radar.